Budget for 2021-22

Published: 03 October 2020


Please let the Community Council know what you think they should be prioritising for the Budget for 2021-22.
The Council will welcome your ideas if you any of the following –

  • Speak to one of the councillors – Penelope Gwilliam, Jayne Brace, Robert Hyde, Helen Evans, or Norman Griffiths
  • Phone 01656 647216 and leave your name and a message. Remember to speak slowly and clearly
  • Email the clerk to the council, Mabyn Thomas, using clerkcoychurch@gmail.com

Please remember that the community council can request but has no power over grass cutting / weed spraying by BCBC, refuse collection, street lights or road surfaces.

This year we have focused on providing some colour to lift the spirits with flower beds, lamppost baskets and tiered planters. Would you like to see these continue? What else would you like to see in the short term or longer term?

We will be working on updating and improving the Play Park so what would you like to see there?

Do you have any ideas about what we should happen to the Pavilion and playing field as BCBC continue to transfer assets to local communities and groups?

Please have your say. Your ideas will be discussed at the council meeting on 13th October 2020.